Customer & Order Tags

Each notification output also provides the optionally add tags to the order that triggered the notification or the customer who placed the order

This feature allows merchants using Smart Order Notifications to tag an order or customers based on the rules configured in the notification. This is particularly powerful for providing feedback in the admin about whether a notification has been sent for an order.

A good example use case for this feature is when a merchant sends a supplier notification and wants a visual confirmation of that on the order in the Shopify admin. Let's say clothing brand that specialise in t-shirts has a supplier called Acme Caps who ship all their caps for them. In this scenario an email notification would be set up to trigger when a product type of cap is found on the order. To ensure customer service staff know that notification has been sent to the supplier then adding the tag Acme Notification Sent to the order will be a big help.

Tagging only Many merchants have asked for a dedicated tagging output with no email sent. This is something we're working on but in the meantime it's easy to achieve by using an email output for the notification and leaving the email address blank. In this situation no email will be sent but the tag will be applied.

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