Smart Notifications is built for Shopify merchants who require granular control over when, why and how supplier, staff and customer order notifications are sent.

Smart Notifications for Shopify

Smart Notifications reduces the overhead of manually filtering and passing order information to suppliers, vendors, staff, and customers with an easy to use rule creator, all from within a familiar interface.

Let your store benefit from advanced filtering, customisable email templates, batch scheduled notification sending, delayed or immediate notification sending, CSV and PDF email attachments and much more.

Smart Notifications vs Shopify Email Notifications

Smart Notifications does not suppress your existing Shopify email notifications. This means notifications will be sent in addition to the native Shopify order confirmation email.

Shopify Plus merchants can request that Shopify suppress their notifications on a case by case basis. These requests should be sent to your Merchant Success Manager or Plus Support.

We appreciate this can get confusing so please do get in touch if we can help clarify the process.

Optimise Order Workflows

Streamline your store’s operations by automatically sending your suppliers, vendors, staff, and customers the order information they need.

Trigger, Filter, and Send

Trigger event-specific notifications based on customer, product, fulfilment, inventory and payment order data, as well as many more.

Notification Types & Methods

Filter orders and line items to send via email with CSV/PDF attachments. Deliver orders immediately, delayed or in scheduled order batches.

Powerful Use Cases

Smart Notifications is limitlessly flexible. Our customers have created rules for hundreds of use cases including:

  • Sending product specific information (e.g. a PDF handbook, usage instructions) to customers who buy a specific product

  • Delivering a daily CSV of relevant orders to a dropshipping partner

  • Preventing fraudulent orders by alerting staff of every order above a specified value

  • Notifying 3PL partners by email or webhook when a customer orders a product they fulfil

  • Scheduling a regular CSV delivery of all orders from customers in a given country to a distributor in that region

Notification Rules

Smart Notifications allows you to create rules which specify which orders should trigger a notification and which line items from that order should be included in the notification.

Rules can filter by product SKU, title, and vendor, as well as, destination country, fulfillment location, order value, shipping method, order tag and many, many more. Read our guide to triggers and filters for more information.

Notification Types

When creating a notification you can decide to send the notification immediately when the order is created/updated or defer and send notifications later either individually or in a batch of orders. The app provides you with three notification types:

  1. Immediately: send a single order instantly. As expected this option sends an email as soon as an order's state matches the trigger rules you define in the notification settings. This is ideal for fulfilment related notifications to a 3PL or post-purchase customer emails, for example.

  2. Scheduled batch: send multiple orders in each notification on a specified schedule. This notification type collates orders over a period of time and sends them in one email. Schedule batches are not suitable for customer emails but are very useful for sending suppliers lists of salient orders.

  3. Delayed: send a single order after a specified period of time. Specify a number of days or hours to delay the notification by after it's triggered. When the time comes the app will check the order still matches the trigger rules before it sends. This is particularly useful for sending customer reminders, for example, payment reminders after 30 days.

Notification Methods

Smart Notifications provides you with six notification methods:

  1. Email: Specify one or more email addresses as the recipient(s). Our email templates support all of the features of the built-in Shopify email notification editor allowing you to create custom designs.

  2. Email with CSV attachment: Specify one or more email addresses as the recipient(s). Send a CSV file containing a batch of orders for a given time period as an email attachment. The format of these files is completely customisable per notification using our template editor.

  3. Email with PDF attachment: Specify one or more email addresses as the recipient(s). Send a static PDF that you upload and is the same every time it's sent as an attachment. Alternatively, you can opt to dynamic generate a PDF containing order information using our Liquid PDF template editor.

  4. Customer email: Send an email to the customer email address associated with the order. You have the same control over the content of the email via our Liquid editor.

  5. Customer email with PDF attachment: Perfect for sharing instruction manuals or terms of service documents with customers. Also very useful for invoices or packing slips.

  6. Webhook: Our powerful webhook feature makes it possible to integrate into third-party systems used by your 3PL, dropshipping partner, franchisee or regional partner.

Personal Support from a Shopify Veteran

Smart Notifications is owned and developed by Kieran, a former Shopify employee, based in the UK, with experience of working in the Shopify API and Plus teams. When you get in touch you’ll get a personal reply.

Smart Notifications is free to try for 7 days and we'll be more than happy to help you get up and running and start saving your business time and money, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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