Triggers & Filters

Order triggers and line item filters are at the heart of what makes Smart Order Notifications so powerful.

Order Triggers

Order triggers are the rules that tell Smart Order Notifications to send a notification for a given order or to include the order in a batch. The triggers are used to analyse properties of an order and determine if they qualify as a match or not. The following order properties can be used to trigger a notification but we're adding new triggers all the time so if you have a suggest, please just ask.

Line Item Filters

Line item filters are the rules that determine which line items should appear in the notification. For example, if you're triggering by product SKU to send to supplier, it's likely that you'll also want to filter the line items that appear in the email by product SKU in order that the supplier only receives the salient items.


Operators are the commands you select to determine your search criteria. For example: Product tag is equal toSale, in this case the is equal to is the operator, Product tag is the field and Sale is the value.

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