Pricing & Free Trial

Our plans range from $19 per month to $39 per month and all include a one-time 7 day free trial.

7 Day Free Trial

Every Smart Order Notifications plan includes a one-time 7 day trial. After your trial ends you'll start your monthly billing cycle. More information about app billing cycles can be found in Shopify's app billing documentation.

Switching plans You are free to switch plans during the trial period but if you do so your free trial will end. If you are unsure which plan to choose we recommend selecting the Professional or Standard plan, trying out the features you need and downgrading if necessary before your trial ends.

Pricing Plans

All plans are charged via Shopify and will appear on your monthly invoice.




Price per month




Email Support (9-6 Mon-Fri UK)

Email limit




Immediate notifications

Scheduled, batch notifications

Delayed notifications

CSV Email attachments

PDF Email attachments

Webhook notifications

Premium support (9-5 Mon-Fri UK)

Bundles integration

Email Domain Mapping

Need more emails per month? If you think you'll exceed 15,000 emails per month please get in touch to discuss custom pricing options.

Features Explained

  • Price per month — The monthly price charged in US Dollars. This will be added to your monthly Shopify bill.

  • Email Support (9-6 Mon-Fri UK) — Our customer support email is open between 9am - 6pm UK. While we do monitor our tickets over the weekend we typically only reply during office hours.

  • Unlimited emails — We place no cap on the number of emails sent each month on any plan.

  • Immediate notifications — Notifications will be sent immediately after order matches the rules of your notification. This is ideal for customer emails, e.g. sending delivery instructions about a specific product.

  • Schedule batch notifications — Qualifying orders are stored and collated for sending at a scheduled date and time. A typical use case for scheduled notifications is sending a daily batch of orders to a supplier or warehouse. These can be scheduled daily or weekly on a specified day of the week. You can also control the time of day these notifications are sent.

  • Delayed notifications — Delayed notifications are triggered as soon as an order matches your notification rules. However, unlikely immediate notifications, delayed notifications will wait for a specified amount of time before sending. You can select a number of days and/or hours to delay the notification. These are ideal for reminder emails or satisfaction surveys sent to customers by email.

  • CSV Email attachments — Auto-generate CSV attachments that contain order and line item data. We provide sample templates for CSV attachments that you can modify yourself using plain text and Liquid syntax.

  • PDF Email attachments — Auto-generate PDF attachements that contain order and line item data. We provide sample templates for PDF attachments that you can modify yourself using HTML, CSS, and Liquid syntax.

  • Webhook notifications — The ability to send order notifications as a webhook. This allows you to send filtered order data to third-party systems such as 3PLs, Order Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems.

  • Premium support (9-6 Mon-Fri UK) — You'll be the first to receive a reply. While our working ours are always 9-6 with this option your email is moved to our priority queue and you'll be fast tracked to a solution.

  • Bundles integrationBundles from Gazebo is one of the most popular product bundling apps on the Shopify App Store. We've partnered with the team at Gazebo to allow you to trigger notifications based on if there's a bundle on the order and to easily display bundled items in the body of the notification. Find out more in our Bundles documentation.

  • Email Domain Mapping — As standard, all outgoing email notifications are sent from our own domain using the address. Many merchants prefer for emails to be sent from their own domain / email address and in this scenario the Professional plan is for you. Domain mapping is a manual process carried out via email and we aim to action all domain mappings within 24 hours (Mon - Fri).

Need Help? You can reach out to us via our the Contacting Support page on this website for assistance with app setup, notification rule configuration or template syntax.

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