Use Cases

The app's highly adaptable rules and outputs mean that merchants use it for everything from sending customers product-specific instructions to providing pick-up locations with a daily order CSV.

Smart Notifications is a extremely flexible app that marries powerful notification trigger rules, line item films and multiple notification outputs. This results in an extremely diverse set of use cases for the app. Below are some examples of potential use cases but if you want to know if we can accommodate your requirements, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Product-Specific Customer Emails

Even within the customer email realm, Smart Notifications use cases are diverse. However, one of the most common uses for our app is to send product-specific emails. This involves configuring the app to trigger an email to the customer email associated with the order if certain products are found on the order.

This can be useful for sending product instructions or delivery questionnaires for bulky/heavy items or where access may be an issue. It can also be great for looking for combinations of products on an order. For example if a customer buys two incompatible products, automatically alerting them to this via an email can save a lot of customer service issues.

Partner & Supplier Emails

Many merchants work with external suppliers or partners to fulfil some or all of their orders. Likewise, it's increasingly common for merchants to work with partners who manufacture products on-demand. In this scenario Smart Notifications makes for a powerful and versatile tool for notifying your partners and suppliers that you need them to fulfil or produce a certain product. To achieve this the app adapts to your requirements, for example, if you need to send daily CSVs to a fulfilment house who store a subset of your products then you can configure a scheduled, batch notification to include only items with specific SKUs and then setup a line item filter to ensure only those SKUs appear in the attached CSV. Alternatively, if you have a printer who prints custom birthday cards for you on-demand and you use a personalisation app to collect a name and massage for the card, you can use our app to send immediate email notifications to the printer and include the line item properties used by the personalisation app to store the name and message for the item.

As you can imagine possibilities are vast in this space but we believe Smart Notifications is adaptable enough to accommodate them all.

3PL Webhooks

Increasingly merchants work with a third party logistics company or 3PL to handle their pick, pack and dispatch. However, it's also common that certain 3PLs handle certain regions or certain subsets of products. Using our order trigger rules merchants can set up rules for the combination of order destination country and SKU and then have Smart Notifications send a standardised JSON payload to an endpoint in the 3PL's systems. The result is the order with only the relevant line items appear in the 3PL's dispatch system.

Developer Support Required It's important to note that it's likely you'll need support from an external development partner and/or the 3PL's technical team in order to achieve this integration. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need advice on this kind of notification use case.

Supplier Email by Region

Finally, imagine you're a company that sells print on-demand t-shirts and you've got growing demand in Australia but the high shipping cost is badly eating into your margin. You decide to partner with a similar company in Australia and agree that they will print your designs and fulfil on-demand for all Australian customers. But how do you ensure they get notified about only the orders that pertain to them. With Smart Notifications this is simple, you can configure a single notification to send immediately and trigger based on order destination country and product type. That way only orders for Australia that contain t-shirts will be sent to your supplier. If they decide in a few months time that they need a single batch of orders once per day, then you can switch to a scheduled, batch notification with the same rules.

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